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All About Barcode (Bar Code) Scanner Interfaces

Computer to Barcode Scanner Connectivity
On your computer, the interface connector looks like this... On the computer end of the interface cable the connector looks like this... On the scanner end of the interface cable, the connector looks like this... On the scanner, the interface connector looks something like this... The scanner you need to order is referred to on the Barcoder web site as...
Connector and cable USB interface
(this is the most common interface in use today in computers that have USB keyboards and a spare USB connector for devices such as barcode scanners)
50ft PS/2 M/F KEYBOARD/MOUSE EXTENSION CABLE Connector and cable Keyboard wedge PS2 interface
(for older computers that have a PS2 keyboard and only one PS2 connector into which BOTH the keyboard AND the scanner need to be connected)
Connector and cable RS232-DB9 serial interface
(this is for devices that are expecting serial data streams rather than keyboard data. NOTE: To get serial communications working, you will have to match a number of set-up parameters on both the scanner and the device that it is communicating with - parameters such as the number of data bits, the number of stop bits, the parity and the communication speed (BAUD rate). NOTE: RS232 serial scanners generally also require a 5 volt power supply which may or may not be included in scanner price, so check the Product Description very carefully before ordering)