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Mid Range

- Thermal Direct
- Thermal Transfer
- Colour Inkjet

Thermal Direct
Thermal Direct printers are capable of printing only on thermally treated (heat sensitive) label stationery. If you wish to print on plain paper or plastic label stationery you will need a Thermal Transfer printer. Thermal Direct labels are susceptible to the background going dark grey if the paper is exposed to heat or strong direct sunlight and will be easily marked if the paper surface is rubbed with, say, a fingernail. Thermal direct labels tend to be less susceptible to this effect than is thermal paper, because the label material is generally thicker than receipt paper. Like all thermal papers though, the print image will also fade over time.

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Thermal Transfer
Thermal Transfer printers print by transferring the print image from a resin or wax-resin coated plastic ribbon to plain label stationery. These printers are also capable of printing in Thermal Direct mode by omitting the ribbon and using thermal paper label stationery. Thermal Transfer printers are recommended if your labels need to be high quality or are required to be legible for a very long time, or if you will be printing on plastic label materials such as polyethylene or polyester, especially for use outdoors in direct sunlight or in wet environments. Use a resin ribbon if you are printing on plastic labels. Use a wax-resin ribbon if you are printing on paper labels.

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Colour Inkjet
Colour Inkjet printers are capable of printing full colour labels specifically designed for business use. Using colour to highlight critical information will improve your workflow and reduce error.

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