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Barcode Scanners

Wired Barcode Scanners
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Bluetooth Barcode Scanners
Cordless Barcode Scanners
> Cordless CCD Barcoder Scanners
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Scale Barcode Scanners
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Barcode scanners are used in various applications to eliminate typing errors. Instead of typing a product code, such as 9312311165011, as long as that code is represented in a barcode, the barcode can be read using a scanner and 9312311165011 will appear at the cursor-point in the computer application just as if the operator had typed 9312311165011 on the computer's keyboard - i.e., a scanner replaces keyboard data entry. The scanner transmits the data string, i.e. 9312311165011 ... it does not know that the actual product is an A6-size Marbig-brand spiral-bound notebook that retails for about $1.99 ... for that you will need a Point of Sale software package such as MYOB Retail Manager - 9312311165011 is just the record key to the record in your database that contains the other information about the item - such as description, price and supplier!

Wired Barcode Scanners
These devices are directly connected to a host computer using a cable (that is about 1.8 metres in length) and are connected to the computer by either a PS2 Keyboard Wedge cable, an RS232-DB9 serial cable, or a USB cable. Most computer applications such as spreadsheets and database programs and most POS programs expect scanner data to emulate keyboard data entry, so the usual interface on newer systems is USB, but on older systems that have a PS2 connected keyboard a PS2 Keyboard Wedge cable is used so that the scanner and the keyboard can share the same PS2 port on the computer. If your application expects serial data, you will need an RS232-DB9 serial cable. NOTE: Serial scanners need to be externally powered so a 5V power supply is usually also required. Some computer applications do not support USB-connected scanners so make sure you have checked with your software provider before ordering a USB-cabled barcode scanner.

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Bluetooth Barcode Scanners
These devices are not restricted by cable length and communicate using an in-built Bluetooth radio directly to a Bluetooth radio in the device that you wish to use the scanner with, such as an iPad, PDA, laptop or desktop computer. The Bluetooth radio in the device the scanner communicates with may be inbuilt, or a USB dongle. The radial distance from the bar code scanner to the Bluetooth-enabled device is either 10 metres or up to 100 metres, depending on the type of Bluetooth radio in the scanner. Some Bluetooth scanners, when used with an iOS device such as an iPad, will disable the iPad's on-screen keyboard. Some Bluetooth scanners, such as the 7Ci, 7Di and 7Xi series from Socket Mobile, can toggle the iOS device's on-screen keyboard.

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Cordless Barcode Scanners
These devices are not restricted by cable length and communicate by radio to a base station that is directly connected to a computer using either a PS2 Keyboard Wedge or a USB port on the computer. Depending on the radio technology used, cordless scanners can have a radial range of up to 100 meters, though generally the radial range is 10 metres from the computer to which the base station is connected. Some cordless bar code scanners use Bluetooth technology (10 metre or 100 metre radial distance) and some use narrow-band 433Mhz radios (12 metre radial distance).

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Scale Barcode Scanners
These devices are weighing scales that have an omni-directional scanner built into the scale's platform.

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Barcode Scanner Accessories and Options
Accessories and options for individual products are displayed as options for that product when the product is selected. In this section, we list all the accessories and options for barcode scanners.

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