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PC Systems for POS Applications

Accessories and Options

This section of our on-line Department Store contains PC Systems that are "Retail Ready", i.e. unlike an "office" PC, they have all the necessary interface boards that will be needed in a PC that is dedicated to a Retail POS system, such as interfaces for PS2 devices (keyboards, barcode scanners, mouse), parallel and serial interfaces for printers and customer pole displays, several USB interfaces, several RS232-DB9 serial interfaces, cash drawer interfaces, etc.

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This section includes computers that have been designed specifically for use in a POS (Point of Sale) environment, and have the required parallel, PS2, RS232-DB9 serial and USB ports, cash register and Ethernet ports, that are bundled with other equipment such as cash drawers and receipt printers.

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PC System Accessories and Options
Accessories and options for individual products are displayed as options for that product when the product is selected. In this section, we list all the accessories and options for PC systems.

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