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Weight Only
Price Computing
Label Printing
• Labels for Label-printing Scales
Accessories and Options

This section includes weight only scales, counting scales, price computing scales, label printing scales and labels for label printing scales.

Weight Only Scales
Weight only scales do just that - they weigh things and display the weight only.

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Counting Scales
Counting scales make the job of counting small items, a breeze - just weigh one item, then weigh all the items, and the scale will compute (and display) how many items are in the total group. Ideal if you have boxes of small components that must be counted for a stocktake. These scales can also be used to compute the value of coins, if you multiply the number of coins shown on the scale, by the denomination of the coin.

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Price Computing Scales
Price computing scales calculate the total cost of the weighed item based on its unit price.

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Label Printing Scales
Label printing scales print labels for products, showing the weight of the product and the total cost of the product when you weigh the product and put its unit price into the scale.

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Scale Accessories and Options
Accessories and options for individual products are displayed as options for that product when the product is selected. In this section, we list all the accessories and options for scales.

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