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Batch Mobile Computers (Data Collectors)

These devices capture data using an on-board program that may run in a proprietary, Palm, Linux, Windows CE, Pocket PC or Windows Mobile operating environment. The captured data is then downloaded using a communications cradle that may also serve to charge the unit's battery.

Proprietary Operating System
These devices are programmed using an application environment that is proprietary to the Manufacturer. The actual Application Development environment however, most likely runs on Windows, (such as Opticon's SpeedGen application development tool), but, once compiled, the data capture application is then loaded onto the data capture device and the operating system on the actual data capture device is a proprietary operating system.

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Windows CE Operating System
These devices may be programmed using an Application Development environment that may run under Windows on a PC, but the actual data collector on which the developed application is run, runs the Windows CE operating system.

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