Head Office: 02 8207 3167
Facsimile: 02 4610 8910
ACT: 02 6223 2525
NSW: 02 8213 8968
NT: 07 4015 2705
QLD: 07 3139 0155
SA: 08 7221 2109
TAS: 03 6237 0748
VIC: 03 8804 1716
WA: 08 6364 0456

Regional Numbers
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Barcoder - one of Australia's largest resellers of barcode scanners, label printers and Point of Sale (POS) equipment.
Working with Australian businesses since 2005.

Some of our staff have been in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Industry since 1969 and have worked for companies such as IBM, Litton Business Systems, Telxon (who were taken over by Symbol, then Motorola, now Zebra) and major clothing retail chains. We are experts in AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture) and POS (Point of Sale/Point of Service).

Barcoder has been operating since 2005 and has enjoyed enormous growth in sales each year.

All of our people work from home-based offices (the ideal job) and have received extensive training in the products that we sell.

We operate an on-line text-based chat service during business hours Monday through Friday where guests on our site can engage in text chat with an on-line Customer Support Officer (CSO) who can escalate their query to other CSOs, even to our CEO, in order to get the correct answer to any question on any product. During business hours, our people have direct access to the major Distributors and Manufacturers of the products that we sell, so we can get you the BEST technical advice and aslo check on stock availability for you.

If we are not holding stock when we receive your order online, we place your order immediately with the closest warehouse to you that does have the stock so that your goods get to you with the least delay. If an item happens to go onto back order, we notify you immediately and send you a regular availability status update until such time as your item is delivered to you.

Past customers have included many individuals (purchases for home use) as well as Local, State and Federal Government organisations and hundreds of businesses from small to medium business enterprises, large Australian-based and multi-national corporations. Major customers include: Department of Defence, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Treasury, most state Health Departments, several state Police Departments and several large retail chains. We are happy to supply customer references if required.

Barcoder's Core Values

The following Core Values were written in 2005 by Barcoder's founder David B L Johnstone, and are the values that we expect not only our own staff, but also the staff of our key suppliers to adhere to.

When any member of the Barcoder team undertakes to do something in their personal and corporate life, they undertake to do it to the very best of their ability, to complete it with a spirit of excellence ... if a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well.

When any member of the Barcoder team undertakes to do something, they undertake to take full ownership of the task and to complete it, within the timeframe expectations of all stakeholders ... it will be done.

Each member of the Barcoder team is encouraged to do good works in their local community ... to be active participants in service clubs such as Apex, Lions and Rotary, and to join other groups that themselves have a commitment to doing good works in their local community, throughout Australia and worldwide.

We encourage each member of the Barcoder team to be an active member of their local Church, (be it Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist) and to be trustworthy in small and large matters and at all times, to be faithful to our Core Values.

We encourage each member of the Barcoder team to be totally focused on exemplary Customer Service ... to have a servant attitude.